Gambling Addiction Treatment: The Hard Truth

Gambling addiction – in fact all addiction – is only a myth

Gambling Addiction

There’s a thin line between bluffing and stupidity. This guy just crossed it. Source

Dear Ely:  My boyfriend suffers from a degenerate gambling addiction.  I wouldn’t mind so much if he won a ton of money, but he sucks at gambling.  Last month he lost our rent money, and I had to beg our landlord to give us more time to pay.  Odds are it’ll happen again someday soon, and then we’ll be out on the street.  My boyfriend realizes how serious the situation is, and he says he wants to stop, but he just can’t do it.  What can I do to break his gambling addiction and get him to quit losing money?


Loser Lover


Dear Loser Lover,

Your boyfriend is not addicted to gambling.  There’s no such thing as gambling addiction.  Like any other addict, he just likes to do it and doesn’t want to quit.  Addiction is an excuse people use so they can continue to behave in ways that other people find objectionable.  “I know it’s wrong, but I can’t stop.  I can’t help it.  I’m addicted!”

Once those words are uttered, addicts are not to be blamed for their questionable behavior; they are no longer responsible for the choices they make.  Addicts cease to be willful agents of their own destiny and instead become hapless victims with no control over the circumstances of their lives.  Well, I’m calling “Bullshit!” on the whole operation.

Rehab for Gambling Addiction

Rehab is bullshit – you might as well go here instead. Source

Everything we do in this life is a choice we make: that includes our actions, our thoughts, and our feelings.  Addicts have the choice to stop their behaviors at any time – they only need the genuine desire and the unyielding will-power to do so.  Now, telling these people that they are victims of a Demon named Addiction makes them feel helpless and powerless, and greatly contributes to the ongoing pussification of the human race.  People – all people – can be strong-willed and powerful, if they only choose to be.

So your boyfriend will only quit gambling when he truly wants to quit.  When he finally reaches that point, he’ll just stop.  It’s as simple as that.  You might think there are things you can do to rush him into this realization, such as withholding sex or threatening to leave him.  But these tactics won’t really make him want to quit – they’ll just make him want to stop for a while, long enough to keep you around and get some ass.  Unfortunately, the idea to quit has to come from deep within his own mind.  I guess you could try to plant the idea in his head, Inception-style.  So if you’ve got Leo DiCaprio’s number lying around, give him a call and see if he’ll assist you.  (I hear he’s real cool about that sort of thing.)  Otherwise, you’ll either have to wait for your boyfriend to quit, or cut your losses, leave him, and get on with your life.  The choice is yours!

Peace, Love, and Seeing Through Addiction,

Ely North

PS. If you have any gambling addiction advice for Loser Lover, leave a reply below!

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2 thoughts on “Gambling Addiction Treatment: The Hard Truth

  1. I don’t think he will “just stop” when he reaches the point of truly wanting to quit. In case of addictions there is so much going wrong in a person’s brain chemistry, it requires a therapy and time to get rid of that. I am not sure that I understand how you come to the conclusion that he is NOT addicted. Based on what Ely writes there is not enough evidence to judge that.

    • The point is that all addiction is a myth, created by people (like you) who try to sell “addicted” people “cures” to their “diseases”.

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