Lazy Cartoon: Loafer Trophy

Lazy Cartoon

This lazy cartoon represents a life long dream of mine: winning an award for being lazy.  It’s actually pretty hard work to be lazy, loafing around the house all day not doing anything.  It’s exhausting.  It’s about damn time somebody starts to recognize the Herculean effort that lazy people put in to their minimal contributions to society.

Then again, I might be too lazy to actually get up on stage and accept the trophy.  How ironic.

Or maybe this lazy cartoon isn’t really about laziness at all.  Maybe it’s about meatloaf winning the award for being the best loaf of all loaves.  Because – let’s face it – there’s no better loaf than meatloaf.


If you would like to apply to win the first annual Loafer Trophy (which will be awarded soon – judged by me) please leave a reply below detailing your qualifications for this award.  If you’re lazy, tell me how lazy you are.  (I know it’s hard, but just try.)  Or, if you make a great meatloaf, send me a slice.  I love me some meatloaf.

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